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Coolbulbs. Hid xenon lamp,Xenon Light,hid xenon conversion kit,hid xenon beam HID lamp: Source efficiency is typically 120 lumens/watt or higher. Osram D8S Xenarc 66548 25W Xenon HID Bulb $ $84. Voted #1 two years running for our sales and support. HID Conversion Kits for low beams, high beams, fog lights and motorcycles! Since 2012, OPT7 Lighting has become the first choice in HID lighting for many auto enthusiasts and casual drivers. Add to Cart. The halogen vapor may be pure iodine or a compound of iodine and bromine. The kit includes 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts and full instructions and fitting instructions. com is your #1 source for Xenon HID Kits and LED Headlights with 35000+ reviews from happy customers. Alibaba. We are a bigger supplier providing you OEM Xenon HID Parts like Philips,Osram,GE,Toshiba harison,Koito,D2S 85122+,D2R 85126,D4S 42402,D4R 42406,D1S,D3S OEM xenon hid bulbs. Furthermore, it is cheap and requires only to be plugged in, thus it is very convenient to use. - If bulbs are stained, use an alcohol pad to remove stains (no liquids). Icon Great Customer Service. Hella marine HID floodlights use a D2S Xenon bulb that provides up to 5 times the service life of a traditional halogen bulb. Xenon Premium bulbs simulate HID lighting systems (Latest technology innovation). Headlight HID/Xenon Bulbs by Heliolite®. The color of the output is determined by the temperature. 95. Home > Sports Imports LTD > Navigation, Personal Electronics & Hiking Accessories > Outdoor Hiking, Camping, Survival Tools & Emergency Products > LED, Xenon, HID, Dynamo, Solar Charging Flashlights & Lanterns Sourcing Guide for HID Xenon Kit: Lighting is one of the most important of all building systems, and we offer buyers thousands products of lights to choose from including modern, indoor, outdoor and bathroom lighting. 5000K D2S D2R Super Slim Digital XENON HID Conversion Kit Bulb Ballast Car Truck SUV Motorcycle Xentec. Xenon HID Conversions for bulbs that have high and low beams in one bulb Kits include a pair of ballasts with mounting brackets, pair of bulbs, and one harness. They allow you to have that HID look without having to dig too deep into your pocket! Your online xenon vehicle lighting specialist. A typical HID kit install takes 20 minutes or less. Saturn Xenon headlights will shine more brightly and that means that you can see better at night. When you want to make your car that little bit better than it was before, you should really put some of these Saturn HID Xenon lights into it. The product line that put Morimoto on the map. Bi-Xenon HID (Dual beam HID) (Hi/Lo HID) There are two versions of H4 Bi-Xenon Kit (Hi/Lo). Bi-Xenon (High/Low) HID Bulbs: 9003 9004 9007 9008 H4 H13. A unique combination of Xenon and Krypton gas unique only to PlasmaGlow bulbs provide a much better visibility and look great in your headlights. Saab Xenon Headlights HID Kit Lights Conversion SAAB or Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget is actually a well-known car manufacturer in Sweden. xenon|parking sensor. Shop Xenon HID Kingdom. Unlike a halogen bulb, the Xenon bulbs has no filament. We custom build high performance headlights for 2009+ Ford trucks. All HID Xenon Conversion Kits are designed to retrofit virtually all vehicles with no modification. No cheap bulbs, ballasts or connectors. Cadillac CTS HID Kit installations are probably the most common upgrades performed to increase the brightness of the stock headlight assemblies on your CTS. I mean, over 85% of individuals have given this HID kit an excellent rating (that’s over 3,500 individual reviews). Since 2002, we have been providing our customers with all Original, Factory OEM Xenon headlights, HID light bulbs, Ballasts, Igniters and other xenon parts! Find here details of companies selling Xenon HID Light, for your purchase requirements. 23K likes. Not only the service is great the quality of my HID lights are very high quality and the shipping was fast. World-wide shipping available. The bulb has no filament as a conventional halogen bulb does, but the light arc is created between two electrodes. if you're talking about just the HID bulbs that go into your standard halogen housings, although brighter and whiter, the light pattern is not the same as factory HID systems that have the HID bulbs, reflector lenses, etc. Headlamps are also often called headlights, but in the most precise usage, headlamp is the term for the device itself and headlight is the term for the beam of light produced and distributed by the device. This exclusive HID conversion kit is the leader in digital ballast technology and will provide you with a level of performance and quality that is unmatched by similar digital HID products found on the market today. XenonHIDs. HID, or high-intensity discharge light bulbs and lamps, are a family of gas-discharge arc lamps which create light by sending an electrical discharge between two electrodes and through a plasma, or ionized gas. hid xenon headlight conversion kits, parts & lamps H. Xenon HID headlights require 25-30% less energy use and have been proven to extend the lifetime of car batteries, saving money in the process. Welcome to HIDNation. Xenon lamps do not need to warm-up like other HID lights. By a long shot, the most popular and reviewed HID kit on the market is the Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit. We specialize in high end HID conversion kits and components for the true automotive lighting enthusiast. Xenon Supply is an online retailer of high end, high powered car lights. This state of the art technology provides up to 10x longer bulb life and 3x brighter light than standard issue halogen bulbs. For most vehicles, these parts should be sufficient to convert from halogen bulbs to Xenon HID technology. Our 9011 Xenon Kits start at $89. HID works when the engine is off, but if turning on the engine the HID will turn off itself. HID Xenon Ballast Control D2S D2R For Lexus Toyota Mazda DDLT002 85967-50020list price $450. D3S Xenon HID Bulbs 4300K 6000K 8000K 10000K $ $49. Many folks out there shopping for HID kits are hesitant to purchase simply due to the fact that they don't know what color will best suit their needs. The lower the temperature (usually around 4300k or so) is the whitest and brightest. RCP - D1S6 - (A Pair) D1S/D1R 6000K Xenon HID Replacement Bulb Diamond White Metal Stents Base 12V Car Headlight Lamps Head Lights 35W Bi-Xenon HID Kit Package Contents. This kit uses slim ballasts with new technology. When you need a headlight bulb or a stop light switch, you may be tempted to just run down to the local auto parts chain store. The HID conversion kit will convert the factory equipped incandescent halogen lights into something similar to what you would find on many higher end luxury vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, and more! Motorcycle HID Lights Bulbs & Motorcycle LED Tail Lights Welcome to Motorcycle HID Lights, your best source for headlight lighting for your motorcycle & ATV. xenon oem ballast R 1,700. If there is any company state their bulbs H series or 900 series HID bulb is made by Philips, then it must be fake one, because Philips only produce D series bulbs. You want to make sure you know the difference! The originally xenon light is one where only the low beam was actually a xenon light while the high beam would be taken care of by a halogen bulb. Xenon vs. xenon hid. They also illuminate the sides of the vehicle better and are usually three times brighter than halogen ones. XENON HID Headlights If you're interested in giving your car a look similar to the HID systems on newer luxury cars then these Plazma Xenon-Charged Super White bulbs are what you need. The arc reacts with Xenon gas, which ignites the metal halide salts inside. (High Intensity Discharge) Conversion Kits have become one of the best personal investments in car accessories. OEM HID Xenon Headlights Car Model Along with the development of original OEM xenon headlight, already developed from Generation 1 to Generation 5 now. Every HID kit includes high quality xenon bulbs and high quality xenon ballasts that come with all the necessary hardware and wiring. If you own a luxury vehicle that already has factory HID, view our upgrade / replacement xenon bulbs . Our HID kits come with all the necessary components to complete your installation. When it comes to installing Bi-Xenon Plug and Play HID Headlights, here is the How-To for any HID kit. Xenon Lights HID is a company devoted to selling top quality HID kits at the lowest possible price. 5x more light than halogen, improved weather protection, and a price that can't be beat. HID light bulbs shine a wider light beam. 5 times the light output of halogen floodlights. These headlight bulbs use the highest-grade materials available, and the filament is pure tungsten. Cadillac CTS HID Kits, Xenon HID Head Light and Fog Lights. 55W H4 Bi Xenon 9003 Slim HID Conversion Kit 10000K For Toyota Honda Mazda Kia. The life span of the bulbs are more than 2000 hours. Automotive & Motorcycle Xenon & Bi-Xenon HID Headlight / Foglight Conversion Kits. com offers the best Hid xenon products online shopping. Auto & Tires. The gas is ignited to produce an arc of light, when high voltage is applied. Pair of HID Xenon Bulbs Single Beam replacement for 880,881,3004,9005, 9006 or 9007 Bulb Types. Xenon-Krypton Bulbs – Blue When you want a custom look for your ride, the best place to start is with a set of Xenon / Krypton Headlight Bulbs from PlasmaGlow. HID conversion kits refer to a combination of bulbs, ballasts, and sometimes wires harnesses that will convert vehicles operating with regular halogen bulbs to HID Xenon Lighting technology. However, losses from trapped light, protective covers and lenses, inefficient ballasts and unfavorable operating temperature typically result in a measured system efficiency of 30 lumens/watt or less. - Make sure not to touch the HID bulb with your fingers, or hit it against anything. Headlight Experts Complete HID Kits feature the best quality parts in the industry. A: HID (High Intensity Discharge) refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas contained in a sealed bulb. For Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Marine, RV's Choose 3000K 6000K 8000K 12000K Kelvin Color Temperature Phillips Slim or Stock Slim Put the HID Xenon Conversion Bulb(s) in the housings where the original bulb(s) was. In HID models, the 9007 bi xenon bulb comes in two types: Standard – Low beam is has HID function, and high beam is a halogen bulb. Xenon stylists design each part for the specific vehicle, to make sure the part enhances and accentuates the vehicle's design. Check out the HID xenon setups we have that include HID Kit installation instructions, Xenon bulbs, HID ballasts and everything you need to make the install. A normal halogen bulb uses a filament which can burn out in as little as 200 hours. 5 stars for great customer service! The Xtreme Digital Xenon HID Conversion kits utilize cutting edge Xenon HID components made with superior Japanese craftsmanship and quality to offer you the latest in High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon technology. You need to have a set of aftermarket HID Xenon Conversion kit in order to use this replacement bulbs. com 9007 (HB5) – Standard Installation. Xenon HID headlights, or high-intensity discharge, are a common alternative to halogen bulbs. They believe that body styling parts should blend with and complement the body's natural contours. Xenon Hid Coupon & Promo Codes Listed above you'll find some of the best xenon hid coupons, discounts and promotion codes as ranked by the users of RetailMeNot. The HID conversion kit will convert the factory equipped incandescent halogen lights into something similar to what you would find on many higher end luxury vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, and more! Halogen lights are a thing of the past and do not compare to our xenon lights and HID conversion kits. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! HID Xenon light technology is well on its way to replace incandescent lights in the higher to extreme brightness range like our HID landing & taxi lights or our HID search light. Hella's Replacement Xenon capsules provide a blue-white light source that is very close to natural daylight and delivers at least 70% more light at a lower wattage than traditional lamps. By utilizing the HID Xenon headlights system, you will see that your vehicle is creating a more focused, design, energy efficiency, high-intensity discharge lamps on the road while you are driving at night. Sylvania Sylvania Xenarc Xenon HID Bulbs give drivers the brilliance of an HID while remaining street-legal, thanks to xenon halogen gas technology. High-Intensity Discharge (H. 12000K Xenon HID lights will produce blue light with strong tint of purple. use a specialist gas discharge system which produces a brighter, whiter light. Those applications are D2S, D2R, D1S, D1R, D4S, D4R, D3S and D3R HID Bulbs. 2x genuine authentic oem philips d4s 42402c1 hid xenon headlight bulb audi a3 a4 a5 a6 a7 quattro q5 rs5 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart. A wide variety of xenon hid options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. Regardless, HID lights are known to Find Xenon HID Light manufacturers and suppliers from China. The install was short and professional and the guys in the garage were very helpful in answering any questions I had. owner long lasting HID bulbs suit every cars, trucks, and even motorcycles perfectly. HID is a type of light fixture that creates brighter light, and lasts longer, while Xenon is a subtype of HID that contains Xenon gas instead of the other alternatives. HID lights are significantly brighter than halogen. The #1 provider of Xenon Hid Conversion Kits & Lighting Systems, Xenon Hid Lamps and Bulbs, Xenon Ballasts, Xenon Flashlights HID torches BMW Halo Kits, Phillips Xenon Hid Conversion Kits, Phillips Xenon Hid Lamps and Bulbs, Hella Lights Shop Xenon HID Worlds. Re: HID vs. In fact, 4300K is the closest replication to natural sunlight, and this means that they are ideal for driving. With the Igniter unit in an epoxy filled chamber, we are able to reduce the size of the core unit by roughly half, also reducing the weight significantly. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon lamps for Xenon headlights are different from halogen lamps in that they create light by the arc between two electrodes, not a filament. The guys at The HID Factory installed my HIDs on my headlights and foglights, WOW! they look amazing. High-intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps) are a type of electrical gas-discharge lamp which produces light by means of an electric arc between tungsten electrodes housed inside a translucent or transparent fused quartz or fused alumina arc tube. 12000K hid kits are not recommended for road use due to the limited visible light output they produce. We carry HID kits for all makes and models including low beam, high beam and fog light kits. These great Hyundai light bulbs use the best lighting technology on the market to give you a brighter, longer lasting and more natural looking light. The Headlight Revolution is here and it's time to upgrade your lighting! Break free from old technology. Add to Wish List. Here's what's included in your Dual Beam Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit. 293 reviews of Xtreme HID "Came in to get some HIDs done on my 2015 Lexus CT earlier this week. PowerBulbs is the leading online specialist of car bulbs and lights from Philips & OSRAM. That is why Xenon Premium are so special. Welcome to Motorcycle HID Conversion! We are your source for motorcycle hid kits, hid xenon, and HID Conversion kits, digital ballasts, and headlights at the lowest possible prices. The blue-white light emitted by xenon bulbs is so bright, it has been known to "blind" other drivers. First i would like to add that Um-niza kicks ass =) i ordered this wed and i recieved it on friday. More Details. Disclaimer: LightHeadz. The automotive HID (high intensity discharge) headlight lamps are often referred to as xenon lamps but they are more of a specialized metal halide lamp than anything else. Located in the center of the United States, Chicago, IL, we specialize in a wide range of high-quality OEM and aftermarket automotive lighting parts and accessories. com offers 56,304 xenon hid products. Contrast that with an HID bulb which has no filament, but instead consists of xenon gas, mercury, and metal halide salts. HID light is a high intensity discharge light which do not have a filament. Available HID Bulb Size:H4, H13, 9003, 9004, 9007 Xenon HID Headlights Xenon HID lights on Technology Package models are brighter, last longer and use less energy than conventional halogen bulbs. Cheap xenon 100w, Buy Quality xenon sale directly from China xenon h13 bulbs Suppliers: 2 pcs D1S Replacement HID d1s Xenon Bulbs 12v 35w D1S lamps hid 4300K 5000K 6000K 8000K 10000K D1S Headlamps Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Shopping for Factory OEM HID Ballast? We have OEM HID Ballast for many vehicles including, Acura OEM Ballast, Toyota OEM Ballast, Lexus OEM Ballast, BMW OEM HID Ballast, D2R Ballast, D2S Ballast, Jaguar OEM Ballast and more! How to install HID Conversion Kit video Step 1 : First of all, let's take a look at this diagram below so you will get a clear idea on how to hook up all the parts. Plug and Play replacement for stock OEM bulbs HID Concept has been leading the automotive lighting industry since 2001. HID (Xenon) Bulbs HID Conversion Kits (Ballast, Parts & Accessories) LED and Standard Replacement Bulbs (License Plate, Sidemarker, Blinker, Tail, Reverse, Interior) HID xenon light is 3 times more light on the road than the traditional halogen headlights. Welcome to O-NEX, your number one source of high-tech automotive lighting needs and xenon HID conversion kit specialist. Original Osram XENAELECTRON® ballast units provide optimal operation of D1/D3 HID lamps in 12V as well as in 24V­systems. Posted by Ceez on 11th May 2013 This kit is the real deal , amazing lighting , quality made kit , very convinced this authentic made Philips , highly recommend spending a little extra for this kit , nothing like those cheaper kits I bought in the past. Xenon capsules are only for use with Xenon Lamps and ballasts. HID xenon bulb is a micro discharge bulb filled with a mixture of noble gases including xenon gas and mercury metal helitde salt. Source high quality Xenon HID Light supplied by verified and experienced manufacturers. Xenon is an inert gas used in the tube of HID; hence called Xenon Lamps or Xenon arc lamps. Plug and Play replacement for stock OEM bulbs Hid Xenon, Wholesale Various High Quality Hid Xenon Products from Global Hid Xenon Suppliers and Hid Xenon Factory,Importer,Exporter at Alibaba. Find and share xenon hid coupon codes and promo codes for great discounts at thousands of online stores. XenonPro offers a great selection of Quality Xenon HID Conversion Kits, LED Headlights & Dash Cams. youtube. Bright Headlights Xenon Hid Headlights 300% Brighter HID Turbocharged! Blast away the night with the upgraded Blitz 55w Xenon HID Lighting Kit. High Intensity Discharge (HID) is a broad term used to describe any lighting system using a gaseous discharge arc lamp in which the gas-filled arc tube operates at several times normal atmospheric pressure compared to the near vacuum conditions in fluorescent lamps. HID headlights were originally limited to luxury vehicles and have since become much more affordable. The Factory 9007 Bi Xenon bulb wattages are 55W/65W The base of 9007 Bi Xenon bulb is known as PX29t Super White HID Xenon Halogen bulbs. H1 Xenon Hid Kit is being touted as one of the best because it improves visibility at night by almost 300 percent. The xenon gas not only prevents the car’s HID lights from flickering when the driver turns them on, it also ensures that an ample amount of light is provided before the headlamps reach their maximum brightness. These bulbs are designed as factory replacements, so you'll just need to pop out the old ones and insert the new ones. They don't have a filament, but create light by zapping an arc between two electrodes. You won't have any hassle changing your factory HID bulbs to Oracle HIDs. Our HID conversion kits are top notch and we won't be outdone by anyone in the market. Some great looking new Volkswagen HID bulbs are going to bring out the best in your car’s light system. Ultra premium-Slim Xenon HID Kit -This is it. 99 with free shipping High Intensity Discharge (HID) is a type of lighting technology that replaces the filament of the light bulb with Xenon gas. 2. lighting products, so you can feel assured you are dealing with a knowledgeable and professional company. D. HID Xenon lights are designed to be at least 3 times brighter and last 10 times longer than halogen lights. Xentec HID Kit Xenon Car Headlight Fog Light HID Conversion Kit Lighting system Motorcycle Bike Truck compatible. HID bulbs are filled with Xenon gas so they are usually referred to as "Xenon Lights". There’s the xenon headlight and then the bi xenon headlight. Bi-Xenon is when both the low and high beam are using the same HID bulb. Xenon lights, also known as high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, produce a brighter light than halogen bulbs and with far less heat. Our top of the line HID kit. XenonDepot has been the leading online aftermarket supplier of HID components, HID kits, LED Headlight kits, and LED bulbs since 2001. At O-NEX we are dedicated to providing customers with the latest lighting technologies available on the market, as well as prompt and friendly service. All sets are made to plug right in, for an easy and perfect installation in your specific vehicle. Genuine Xenon hid Headlight Auto Parts at Wholesale Prices for worldwide sales. 2PCS Car Light 12V 35W D2S Xenon HID Car Headlight Fog Light Headlamp 6000K Xenon Front Lamp Auto Light Source D2S Xenon Bulb Xenondepot is continuously redesig ning, engineering, and updating their high quality top shelf products for the latest and most up to date flawless performance! I recently ordered some of their HID's since I'm going to projectors. : 85%: of all xenon users feel they could see better at night, with the age-group over 50 this figure even rose to 90 %. , based out of Oakland NJ offering the best HID projector retrofitting products and services. Xenon-Vision All Categories HID -HID By Bulb Size -HID by Vehicle -HID by Color -Seal Beam HID -HID by Ballast -HID Accessories LED -Interior LED Kits -LED by Size -LED Headlight -LED Conversion Kit -Jeep LED -LED Accessories VW Bulbs Xenon HID. They are popular light sources and have widespread usage in applications where high illuminance over an area is needed. Their look is as close as you can come without spending thousands of dollars for the real thing. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Terms of Use The Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit is a perfect gift for those who want to get the most out of their light bulbs. Aliens is the next generation in xenon technology with its distinctive designed water proof ballast that can provide five times more light output on the road than traditional halogen light bulbs. HID Kits, Xenon HID Lights, Xenon Headlights, HID Fog Lights. These long-lived headlight bulbs use a third less energy while putting out 3 times more light than the average halogen. ©2006 - 2018 Onyx Performance Lights, LLC. Buy the latest Hid xenon GearBest. 1 source for your aftermarket HID kits! Xenon HID worlds is one of the largest distributors of the High Intensity Discharged lighting system in North America. They also save 25 to 35 percent more power and are known to last wear and tear issues for approximately 10 years. HID Conversion Kits provide more than 300 percent the amount of light of a Halogen bulb. HID Replacement Bulbs, Conversion kits, xenon high intensity Discharge light kits, xenon bulbs for automotive and motorcycle applications In the filed of Xenon HID lamp field, Philips only produce: Xenon HID D series bulb (like 85122, 85126 etc) Ballast P. The main part numbers are: D2S - plain HIDkitwarehouse is devoted in selling the highest quality HID conversion kits for your automobile at factory direct prices. Step into the future of automotive lighting with new Hyundai LED bulbs. D3S Xenon Automotive HID capsule bulb replacement for domestic and import headlight models. D for your car. “Buying my D2S HID lights from The Retrofit Source was the best decision I could make for my Audi. This lighting takes the night out of night work and provides the operator with industry-leading performance in nighttime visibility. Watch the video to learn more. 10000K Xenon HID lights produce white-blue light with a touch of a purple hue to it. com , your best source for xenon lighting for your vehicle. HID, or High-Intensity Discharge, is a technology that utilizes xenon gas with an electrical arc to produce brighter, more efficient headlight bulbs. We only deal in xenon kits and H. Our line of high performance bi-xenon projectors that’s been designed exclusively for the task of retrofitting headlights was the original name in the aftermarket projectors game, and continues to set the standard in a sea of lesser quality alternatives. 00 These Premium Quality OEM Replica D1S XENON HID Ballasts commonly known as Xenon Control Module are the perfect replacement for your factory D1S Xenon HID equipped vehicle, if you have a defective, non-working D1S OEM Ballast. HID fog lights also provide more coverage of the road that you wouldn't normally get. Every OEM manufacturer of OEM xenon part all keep on upgrading. Our HID Kits uses a C-Ring® light center technology and the Neptune-Core® ballast chipset in every one of our HID kits to ensure that we deliver the highest lumens output per wattage than any other comparable kit on the market. HID & LED Projectors. TunersDepot's HID Kit installations are probably the most common upgrades performed to increase the brightness of the stock headlight assemblies on your vehicle. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge which are arc lamps. HID (High Intensity Discharge) light bulbs produce light by creating an electrical arc across two tungsten electrodes, resulting in a much greater light output than traditional halogen bulbs. . com/user/everyt The HID bulbs are bright, great color (I got the 6000k), and from what I've heard also last! Glad I went with the Kensun HID kit. Automotive Tools & Equipment. The light that comes out of your headlamp will be true Xenon HID lighting as seen on luxury import vehicles. HID Bulbs come in a variety of different applications. It was founded in 1947 and it has produced cars that were known for their ergonomic design, safety, and turbo charging as well as for its green technology. 2 Xentec 35W Ballast, 2 HID Xenon Bulb, Wires, Accessories an Welcome to the official website of Xenon HID Worlds - XenonHIDworlds. Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping. Motorcycle HID Lights Bulbs & Motorcycle LED Tail Lights Welcome to Motorcycle HID Lights, your best source for headlight lighting for your motorcycle & ATV. com brings you the ultra high end European Halogen bulbs, which you cannot find in the local markets. DDM Tuning is your one stop shop for all automotive lighting upgrades. We only deal in xenon kits and HID lighting products, so you can feel assured you are dealing with a knowledgeable and professional company. HELLA Xenon (HID) Capsules. OEM quality, plug & Play! Available in: H1 H3 H4 H7 H8 H10 H11 H13 9003 9004 9005 With all the parts options from their big brother bi-xenon projectors, but re-worked into a HID projector kit that’s much easier to install; the Morimoto Mini D2S Projectors makes headlight performance more accessible to all. Instead of halogen, HID headlights use another gas - generally xenon. 10000K is probably as high as you want to go for a street car, both to stay legal and to have good visibility on the road. HID headlights get their nickname, xenon headlights, due to the fact that they contain a trace amount xenon gas. XenonDepot's H11 Xtreme HID kit is the number one rated HID kit amongst many automotive enthusiasts. Welcome to Raptor Retrofit. High-intensity discharge lamps operate more like vapor-filled streetlights. HIXEM ELECTRONICS CO. 94%: of all xenon users have a positive opinion of xenon light, the main features mentioned were brightness (42 %) and general illumination (35 %). HID lights, Conversion kits -- xenon high intensity Discharge light kits, xenon bulbs for automotive and motorcycle applications High Intensity Discharge (HID) is the latest technology in automotive lighting. When readers choose to buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we earn affiliate commissions that support our work. It is a revolutionary concept in automotive light industry. About 79% of these are auto lighting system, 3% are xenon lamps, and 1% are led headlamps. Philips D5S 25W Xenon HID Bulb Genuine Philips D5S 25W Xenon HID Bulb Philips D5S Bulb has 4-5 year lifetime We recommend to replace HID bulbs in pairs to match the same brigthness and color on both headlights The ideal Kelvin range for a HID kit being used on a car would be 4300K to 6000K. The Xtreme Digital Xenon HID Conversion kits utilize cutting edge Xenon HID components made with superior Japanese craftsmanship and quality to offer you the latest in High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon technology. Low Beam HID/High Beam Halogen: This special dual-bulb version generates regular and high beams in one single base utilizing a HID capsule for the regular low beam and an H1 halogen for the high beam. MotorcycleHIDXenonLights about the company. Better! Bi-Xenon (High/Low) HID Bulbs: 9003 9004 9007 9008 H4 H13. 2x AC Slim Digital Ballasts; 2x HID light Bulbs (Both High and Low Beam HID Xenon) Installation Manual with Diagram. These xenon HID headlights do not only give our E36 a new more modern look, but drastically improvement aesthetically and will allow you to drive much more safely at night. Below are a series of links to pictures with text covering the installation of the 9007 (HB5) HID Bi Xenon Conversion Kit. Xenon HID bulbs are high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs filled with a mixture of "noble" gases including Xenon. xenon hid A headlamp is a lamp attached to the front of a vehicle to light the road ahead. 99. Sinoparcel D1S Xenon HID Headlights Bulb - 4300K 6000K 8000K - Pack of 2 - 8000K Bullet Points:Lightened by tungsten filament, prolong the lifespan of the lamp Waterproof and dustproof Produces light . We have a huge selection of HID Kits and LED bulbs for all cars, trucks and SUVs. Installation. Was greeted by John and Andrew right away as I stepped through the door. Both technologies (LED and HID) are state-of-the-art and fill their own niche perfectly. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! HID Conversion Kits High Intensity Discharge Systems 50 Watt. We are the No. We proudly support dozens of online automotive forums and have built up an excellent reputation by offering quality products, backed by a higher level of service - Have been doing so since 2001. Our staff are knowledgeable and professional in meeting all your needs - lighting products, xenon, and H. HID Lights, sometimes referred to as xenon headlights produce lighting that are three times as bright as the standard halogen bulbs on your vehicle. We do lighting. car hid kits – xenon lighting Welcome to CarHIDKits. I Also purchased the harness for an extra $12 to avoid wiring issues down the road (WELL worth it, my total was $128, with $10 of that coming from 2 day shipping. Xenon D2S Bulbs. We carry HID kits for all makes and models, and all our products come with a 1 year warranty. The important part of the system is the use of four Xenon HID bulbs. Toyota HID headlight bulbs HID headlights are not widely used in Toyota cars and trucks as it is in the auto manufacturer's Lexus badge. Since 2002, we have been providing our customers with all Original, Factory OEM Xenon headlights, HID light bulbs, Ballasts, Igniters and other xenon parts! HID-Halogen: One HID bulb for each headlight and a separate halogen bulb that turns on when you turn on your vehicle’s high beams. The HID conversion and xenon conversion kits is a revolutionary concept in which xenon gas is used with other noble gases for producing lights which are three times better than any standard halogen bulb. Our line of car cameras are the latest in on-board video surveillance. Your #1 source for HID & LED Kits. Welcome to the official website of Xenon HID Worlds - XenonHIDworlds. All rights reserved. Get latest info on Xenon HID Light, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Xenon HID Light prices for buying. We combine years of experience in headlight retrofits with cutting edge technology and outstanding customer service to produce the highest quality HID and LED headlights on the market. The xenon gas is ignited by an arc of high-voltage current and glows brightly. How To Install A HID Conversion Kit On Your Motorcycle Universal (For Lights with H13 or 9008 Type Bulbs) (Bi-Xenon HID Kit) PRO Design HID Kit (Xenon Bulb Conversion) More Info: This is a Universal application. Our HID bulbs are sold individually, so make sure you add two to your basket to achieve an even colour and lifespan. Have a question about products, fitment for your vehicle, or orders placed? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can answer any questions you have and make suggestions for products. com provides lists of the best automotive lighting products for drivers who quickly want to know what to get. Top quality HID kits On SALE! Xenon HID conversion kits with FREE shipping on all HID lights, ballasts, harnesses and bulbs. The light arc is created between two electrodes. those run a couple hundred or so and include a real HID bulb, ballasts, etc. Super White HID Xenon Halogen Bulbs. Xenon HID Headlights Xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights on Technology Package models are brighter, last longer and use less energy than conventional halogen bulbs. and i live across the country. HID (Bi) Xenon Installation Guide by HIDLighthouse. $138. Discover halogen, LED and xenon HID automotive lighting. Xentec Slim 35W Ballast. October 2018 HID Xenon Kit Special Sportiva H4/9003, H13/9008, 9004, 9007HID Bi Xenon High Low 35W AC Digital Conversion Kit -Free Shipping -Free Relay Harness Lightwerkz Global Inc. Easy conversion to Xenon headlights. Comparing the Advantages, Disadvantages and Differences of HID, LED and Halogen Headlights! Join our Community of DIY'ers: http://www. ,LTD is a professional manufacturer of HID ballast, automotive LED headlight, LED light bar, COB angel eye ring, car rear-view camera, parking sensor and other automotive electronic products. Please read all notes including the product description to determine if this part will work for you. They will be manageable in dry conditions but in the rain visibility will be significantly compromised. Listed above you'll find some of the best hid coupons, discounts and promotion codes as ranked by the users of RetailMeNot. com, a division of ProJDM, Inc. I. Compare this Product. Get discounts shopping online at Original Parts Group SYS ELECTRONICS LIMITED. Due to advanced ‘Free Form’ reflector technology, Hella marine HID floodlights have 2. Hyundai Bulbs Xenon HID. That arc excites a different kind of gas, usually xenon, which in turn ignites metallic salts. Our D3S HID (high intensity discharge) xenon bulbs is designed to provide you better visibility than your stock OEM HID bulbs. Replace your old fogged over E36 headlights and upgrade them with a new pair if HID Depo headlights. 0% of a halogen vapor added. Installation is easy and only takes about 20 minutes to complete. Bi-Xenon : One HID bulb for each headlight that shifts position (when engaging the high beam) to change the direction of the light being emitted in order to light up more of the road. or HID), or Xenon HID, HID Xenon are based on metal halide arc-discharge technology, and operate at less than half the power draw of a standard 100 Watt landing lamp , the light intensity is five times brighter with 500,000 candle power for our 35 watt systems (750,000 candle power for 50 watt systems, and more HID Kits, Xenon HID Lights, Xenon Headlights, HID Fog Lights. com. If you have one of these Toyota with HID HID lights, Conversion kits -- xenon high intensity Discharge light kits, xenon bulbs for automotive and motorcycle applications D2S Xenon HID Car Light Bulbs. The increased visibility, thanks to the HID xenon lights that mimic the normal daylight, can improve the peripheral coverage while you drive at night time by as much as 70%. Call Us Toll Free 888-293-9696 (M - F 9:00am to 4:00pm PST). Specification. HID driving lights are the perfect upgrade for any style of car you might have. Passing xenon over an electrical charge allows these bulbs to burn much more brightly than the glowing filament design bulbs, which leads to efficiency savings and improvements in HIDeXtra H13 Bi-Xenon HID Kit. You will be able to see farther into the distance and keep everyone safe when you have new VW Xenon bulbs in your car. These ballasts are similar in quality to OEM HID systems in found in Lexus, BMW, Mercedes. To use a coupon simply click the coupon code then enter the code during the store's checkout process. Halogen The atmosphere of tungsten-halogen lamps comprise an inert gas (xenon, krypton, argon, or nitrogen, or a mixture) with about 0. What are Lumens Xenon HID Conversion Kits? HID is an acronym for High Intensity Discharge. This intake is You may be confused about which color to choose for your HID conversion kit. 692003-2. 1% to 1. S. Contact reliable exporters of Xenon HID Light across China at Global Sources. For vehicles that came equipped with HID lights from the factory they use specific HID Bulb applications. This HID Xenon CANBUS Kit is the highest quality HID conversion kit on the market today! Many companies offer less inexpensive HID Kits, but they tend to not be compatible with certain vehicles and stop working after a short period of time. Welcome to the official website of ZTEC HID - ZtecHID. A Xenon headlight is when a vehicle will have an HID bulb used for the low beam and then a standard halogen bulb used for the high beam. Highly recommend these if you're thinking about purchasing an HID kit. For some newer model cars such as 04 or UP BMW or 04 or UP Mercedes, the cars have onboard computers to restrict outsource components such as HID conversion kit or aftermarket MP3 Players. When promotional offers and coupons are available for their products, you will find them on the official Xenon Supply homepage. Instead of using a filament like in a standard the light bulb, the bulb is filled with xenon gas and other elements. The Clear white light produced by our HID bulbs is similar to daylight. D2S Xenon Automotive HID bulb replacement for domestic and import headlight models. With a color temperature of 4300°K, around three times the light output of halogen bulbs, the white light of these new generation xenon capsules guarantees optimal safety and relaxed driving. In this example we will list a package contents of a Galaxy Series 55W Canbus HID Kit with an H13 bulb fitment. “I ordered an HID kit, upgraded to the Sun Series 55 watt Slim Ballasts for more lumes with Bi-Xenon bulbs at 10K color temp (deep blue). HID Lights HID Kits Xenon Headlights Kit HID Headlight Kits HID Conversion Light. Our headlights can improve your vehicle's lighting capability on and off the road. 9005 (HB3) HID Conversion Kits, If you need an 9005 (HB3) HID Kit this is the site for you. Contact us today, you will not be disappointed! HIDprojectors offers HID headlights, fog lights, taillights, and DIY retrofit kits, as well as custom lens etching and other quality auto lighting options